24Haymarket offers a unique proposition as a private capital partner


Thousands of years of collective experience and networks


We only invest our own money. If the entrepreneur fails, we lose.


We make swift decisions and negotiate terms early in the process


We adhere to a “deal-by-deal” approach and make decisions to optimise the outcome of each investment

What Our Partners Say

Having such an array of savvy investors opened up a network of contacts and introductions which would not normally be available. The 24Haymarket team play an active role in the business and its growth, adding intangible value.
Ian Wilson, Wattbike
24Haymarket are an impressive team. Combining a measured approach with confidence in their own instincts, they make decisions efficiently and negotiate with an open mind and respectful approach. We're confident we chose the right partner.
Tom McDonnell, Monterosa
24Haymarket are expert investors who have many advantages over other firms. They make decisions fast, they agree a valuation and stick to it, and they professionally and rapidly complete deals. I highly recommend them as an investor.
Frank Craig, Sphere Fluidics
I can’t speak highly enough about 24Haymarket. Their board director has proved invaluable in helping me on countless occasions, including governance and business introductions, which has helped my business to go further.
James Mawson, Global Corporate Venturing