We align with ambitious founders building game-changing companies.

Our strength is to help accelerate the growth of proven technologies.

Investment Criteria

Investment Parameters

We make initial investments of between £1 million and £5 million.

Commercial Traction

We seek out companies with proven product-market fit and £1m+ of run-rate revenue.

Technology Distinction

We focus on technologies that exhibit disruptive features and sustainable defensibility.

Team and Culture

We back ambitious founder management teams developing high-performance cultures.

Focus Verticals

We focus on verticals in the nascent stages of structural growth that demonstrate cyclical resilience and align with our experience. Current areas of particular emphasis include:

Digital Healthcare

Cyber Security

Supply Chain & Logistics Technology

Climate Technology

Future of Work

Professional Services Digitalisation

Post Investment Model

We seek to empower dynamic Boards whose interests are aligned with shareholders.

We nominate an experienced professional from our Investor Network to the Board of Directors.

We do not impose ourselves on day-to-day operations, but seek to support in the following key areas:

Human Capital

Recruitment of top-quality talent, mentoring and implementation of talent management systems.

Sales Acceleration

Commercial introductions, sales training, best practices in geographic expansion and channel partner strategy, price optimisation.

Follow-on Capital

Since 2020 our portfolio has accessed in excess of £190 million in follow-on funding.

Exit Planning

The depth and breadth of our network facilitates the development of multiple exit avenues.

Their approach is to take a keen interest in the business and keep the organisation focused on high achievement. Our Investment Director brings huge experience to the Board as well as working closely with me on a number of business areas.
Nat Edington, Cambridge CMOS Sensors (acquired by ams in 2016)

The approach of 24Haymarket partnering with us, as opposed to managing us, allowed us to retain the freedom and agility required to run a scaling tech business and still enjoy it. The experience of raising funds was straight forward, Board meetings a helpful “sense check”, and exit strategy win-win.
Robin Knox, IntelligentPos (acquired by iZettle)

24Haymarket do a brilliant job of striking the right balance with portfolio companies – interested, engaged and actively supportive, without ever being overbearing. The approach is epitomised by our Investor Director, who finds a great mix of challenge and genuine support for our leadership team. There’s a real sense that we’re in this together.
Ben Farren, CEO Spoke

24Haymarket became our partners on day one and have been on the journey with us ever since. They have supported us in many ways including commercial introductions, market insight, training, and helping us raise our game as business leaders. Having a great investment partner has been the most important factor in our growth to date.
Tom McDonnell, CEO Monterosa

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