Since inception, we have invested £104m+ in 56 high-growth companies.

We aim to make 6-8 new investments per annum, in addition to follow-on rounds for our existing portfolio.

Portfolio Overview


Rounds invested per company on average


Additional capital unlocked by our portfolio since January 2019




Profitable full or partial realisations to-date


Consolidated revenue increase since 24Haymarket's first investment


Consolidated revenue CAGR since 24Haymarket's first investment

Amicable develops an app designed to provide guidance during divorce in order to simplify the process.

Invested: £1.2m

Initial investment: March 2022

ANGOKA protects communications for Smart Cities and Mobility

Invested: £1.3m

Initial investment: October 2022

Aptem (MWS Technology)
Provides technology solutions for vocational training, further education and welfare to work sectors.

Invested: £2m

Initial investment: December 2019

E-cigarette company with a design and patent-led approach.

Invested: £1.1m

Initial investment: July 2015

Azadyne develops pharmaceuticals to treat autoimmune diseases by using micronutrients to control autoimmune responses.

Invested: £1.6m

Initial investment: July 2022

Online learning platform designed to help build students’ financial literacy throughout higher education.

Invested: £545k

Initial investment: January 2018

Digital health platform to enable independence in people suffering from neurological diseases such as autism.

Invested: £1.4m

Initial investment: November 2012

Cambridge CMOS Sensors
Provider of innovative MEMS high-temperature micro hotplate technology for gas sensing, flow sensing and lab-on-a-chip applications.

Invested: £2.3M

Initial investment: August 2013

Technology company providing guest WiFi as a means of marketing automation, online-to-offline customer engagement and attribution for the global restaurant industry.

Invested: £914k

Initial investment: September 2019

Leader in bringing traceability to complex industrial supply chains.

Invested: £2m

Initial investment: May 2021

Infrastructure software provider that enables legacy software applications to run on new operating systems.

Invested: £3.8m

Initial investment: November 2013

SAAS-enabled marketplace for laboratories and equipment.

Invested: £1.5m

Initial investment: May 2021

Medical technology company with novel non-invasive device that measures biomarkers in interstitial fluid to facilitate continuous monitoring of a range of diseases.

Invested: £1.1m

Initial investment: December 2016

Cyber Owl
Early warning system for cyber-attacks on high value industrial targets.

Invested: £1.6m

Initial investment: January 2019

Cyber security software platform that employs a patented approach to data protection, comprising advanced cryptography and distributed whitelisting techniques.

Invested: £835k

Initial investment: April 2021

Human-induced pluripotent stem cells (hIPSC) for preclinical drug development and disease modelling studies.

Invested: £1.8m

Initial investment: December 2013

Deliciously Ella
“Free-from” food product business with strong brand authenticity and awareness.

Invested: £2.1m

Initial investment: April 2017

Dogtooth builds state-of-the-art intelligent robots for soft fruit picking

Invested: £1.76m

Initial investment: October 2021

Provider of patient engagement software to the secondary care market.

Invested: £1.5m

Initial investment: August 2020

Software company developing diagnosis tools using artificial intelligence for acute and chronic respiratory conditions outside of a clinical setting.

Invested: £564k

Initial investment: May 2019

Patent-protected flow sensor technology that is significantly smaller and less expensive than incumbents.

Invested: £676k

Initial investment: March 2020

Growth Intelligence
AI software system focused on sales and marketing intelligence for B2B businesses in the UK.

Invested: £1m

Initial investment: January 2019

Analysis platform that aggregates anonymised data collected from mobile audiences for commercial application.

Invested: £1.7m

Initial investment: June 2017

Hypetex are a carbon fibre manufacturer with unique colour, 3D visual effects, and enhanced performance.

Invested: £500k

Initial investment: June 2022

Insignia Technologies
Use-by and temperature indicators for application in the foodservice, retail and supply chain management sectors.

Invested: £1.3m

Initial investment: November 2014

Intelligent Point of Sale
Electronic point of sale (EPOS) for hospitality, retail and mobile businesses.

Invested: £500k

Initial investment: June 2015

Interface Polymers
Copolymer additive technology that modifies the surface properties of plastics enabling adhesion between otherwise incompatible materials.

Invested: £1.3m

Initial investment: September 2017

Guest-facing technology for the hotel industry with functionality including mobile-enabled check-in, room unlock, room service ordering.

Invested: £750k

Initial investment: December 2014

Patent-protected shower technology that reduces energy and water usage by more than 50%.

Invested: £3.2m

Initial investment: June 2017

Novelty blade compressor manufacturer selling to a broad range of end-market verticals.

Invested: £545k

Initial investment: June 2015

Software platform that allows for the management of membership payments online for sports clubs and charities.

Invested: £700k

Initial investment: July 2017

Luna Mae
London-based couture lingerie brand, selling high-end lingerie via bespoke appointment.

Invested: £631k

Initial investment: May 2016

B2B mobile app that connects sports fans to sporting events showing in their nearest pub with attractive monetisation potential with large drinks brands.

Invested: £717k

Initial investment: July 2015

A patented 'magnetic blood filtration' platform technology aimed at revolutionizing the treatment of blood-borne diseases.

Invested: £1.5m

Initial investment: April 2018

Software business that sells into the gym market - their product allows gym owners to manage both the relationship with their customers and the gym itself.

Invested: £1.1m

Initial investment: June 2018

Biotechnology company developing a data-driven bioinformatic approach to cell conversion enabling efficient and deterministic development and production of cell therapies.

Invested: £1.4m

Initial investment: February 2019

Self-serve interactivity platform aimed at broadcasters, rights holders and brands.

Invested: £1.2m

Initial investment: July 2015

Global recruitment and networking hub for LGBT professionals, graduates, allies and organisations to promote diversity in the workplace and beyond.

Invested: £712k

Initial investment: December 2020

onHand is an on-demand volunteer and impact platform, enabling employees to engage in local volunteering and climate action

Invested: £813k

Initial investment: November 2022

Optalitix machine learning technology provides cloud onboarding and data analysis for the finance and insurance industries.

Invested: £481k

Initial investment: September 2022

Software platform that allows aviation operators to balance the security risk of flying over dangerous areas with profitability considerations.

Invested: £3.4m

Initial investment: August 2018

Enabling people and organisations to proactively mitigate the impacts of flooding.

Invested: August 2023

Initial investment: £1.3

Software platform focused on dynamic data anonymisation, allowing holders of large datasets to balance data utility and privacy concerns.

Invested: £5.2m

Initial investment: July 2016

Technology company developing an AI-driven platform for primary research and expert networks.

Invested: £3m

Initial investment: May 2019

Quality and compliance software platform for care homes.

Invested: £3.1m

Initial investment: October 2017

Revolo Biotherapeutics, formerly Immune Regulation
Immunobiotech company developing biologic compounds that reset the immune system to treat allergy and autoimmune disease.

Invested: £1.3m

Initial investment: February 2018

Engineering company providing outsourced R&D and small-scale production and logistic capabilities to large corporate and SME clients.

Invested: £1.7m

Initial investment: December 2015

Smartia provides scalable AI solutions that connect and transform industrial data into actionable insights.

Invested: £1.4

Initial investment: January 2022

Sphere Fluidics
Manufactures, distributes and services single cell analysis systems that enable the discovery and development of new biopharmaceuticals and cell therapies.

Invested: £3.6m

Initial investment: February 2013

Licenses a self-serve software platform that enables brands to create personalised video content at scale for use in content marketing campaigns.

Invested: £432k

Initial investment: March 2016

Direct-to-consumer menswear ecommerce brand focused on bespoke fit.

Invested: £2.4m

Initial investment: January 2018

Ecommerce and marketing toolkit which enables users to sell more tickets, gain greater data insights and improve marketing efficiency.

Invested: £1.4m

Initial investment: November 2016

Online, enterprise-level aggregation and automation software-as-a-service platform for performance marketers.

Invested: £1.13

Initial investment: January 2019

Exercise bike that delivers cutting edge performance data to its users, who range from Olympic athletes to recreational users.

Invested: £3.3m

Initial investment: April 2011

YASA Motors
Highly advanced electrical motors and generator solutions for a variety of applications in the automobile and electronic power generation sector.

Invested: £1.7m

Initial investment: January 2014

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